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'It is fortune, and not wisdom, that rules a man's life.'
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James Easterling III March 26th, 1959 59 yrs
Christopher Whaley March 26th, 1978 40 yrs
Samuel Linville March 27th, 1990 28 yrs
Elina Jordan March 28th, 1988 30 yrs
Paul Linville April 2nd, 1987 31 yrs
Ray Kragten April 12th, 1963 55 yrs
Malcolm Riley April 13th, 1992 26 yrs
Jennifer Engfer-Kang April 16th, 1990 28 yrs
Edward Nichols April 16th, 1959 59 yrs
Karon Kennerknecht April 18th, 1963 55 yrs
Datzman Engfer-Kang April 22nd, 1997 21 yrs
Richard Kennerknecht April 29th, 1961 57 yrs
Julie Engfer April 30th, 1965 53 yrs
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